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La mort de Vladimir Voevodsky à 51 ans

Autrement qu'être Mathesis uni∜ersalis Problema Universale Heidegger/Husserl être/conscience : plan vital-ontologique vs plan spirituel d'immanence CLAVIS UNIVERSALIS HENOSOPHIA PANSOPHIA ενοσοφια μαθεσις

« “I had in a few months acquired a very considerable experience of visions, voices, periods when parts of my body did not obey me and a lot of incredible accidents. The most intense period was in mid-April 2007 when I spent 9 days (7 of them in the Mormon capital of Salt Lake City), never falling asleep for all these days.
Almost from the very beginning, I found that many of these phenomena (voices, visions, various sensory hallucinations), I can control. So I was not scared and did not feel sick, but perceived everything as something very interesting, actively trying to interact with those « creatures » in the auditorial, visual and then tactile spaces that appeared (themselves or by call) around me. I must say, probably, to avoid possible speculations on this topic, that I did not use any drugs during this period, tried to eat and sleep a lot…

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Le blog « Theoretical atlas » de Jeffrey Morton

The category of tangles

Tangled Web

I want to get back to discussing tangles. So far we’ve been thinking about tangles entirely topologically. But as it turns out, tangles are also fundamentally algebraic objects. The algebraic gadget we need to understand tangles is that of a free ribbon category. Indeed, Shum’s theorem states that framed, oriented tangles form the morphisms of a free ribbon category on a single generator.

To begin to understand this deep statement we must start with the definition of a category. A category is a set of objects $latex A,B,C,ldots$ along with a class (for technical reasons a class, not a set) of morphisms $latex f,g,h,ldots$. Each morphism has a source object and a target object so that we can think of a morphism as an arrow $latex Bleftarrow A$. There is a composition operation of morphisms $latex gf$ which is defined only if the source of $latex g$ is the target…

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Tovariance (topos physics ) and covariance (relativity)